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ACTIVE & Retired Murrieta Police K9s

 K9s provide a valuable psychological impact and, when necessary, can physically apprehend a suspect.

 As a tactical tool, their keen sense of hearing and smell, along with their speed and agility, are utilized to help locate people or evidence when time is of the essence. 

 In high risk situations, the canine can approach or subdue a person without endangering the officer, who would have otherwise had to deal with the incident alone.

Paws 4 Law Foundation is run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about making a difference. Meet the K9's we support and join us in our mission! Together, we can help provide the support and resources they need.

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K9 Mick enjoys swimming in Officer Hayes’ pool, destroying dog toys and playing fetch at the park. He also really loves to eat anything that Officer Hayes’ kids drop onto the floor.

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K9 Lew is a 3 year-old Holland’s Herder, A.K.A, Dutch Shepherd. In his free time, K-9 Lew enjoys taking a dip in the pool, playing with his favorite ball and following Officer Bock around the yard.

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Your support helps these
K9s lead a long and fulfilling life.
We Appreciate You!


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